Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

One of my favourite things about Christmas are all the traditions that go with it. My traditions start Dec.1 with a viewing of The Muppets Christmas Carol as I decorate the tree. Always right on Dec.1. And on Christmas Eve my mother always took us to the grocery store first thing in the morning to buy treats. Any fruit or vegetable we wanted we could have on Christmas Eve. Red Peppers were a special treat. Starfruit. Strawberries in December. When I was older, the family started using the fruit in a chocolate fondue after the candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. Christmas Day started with my brother waking me up, us heading down to my parents room, climbing into bed with them and opening our stockings. Even when I was in university this was what happened. Then we'd go upstairs and open presents followed by waffles with whipped cream & strawberries. Then we'd go up the mountain and spend the afternoon cross country skiing.

This year I couldn't go up to my parents house becuase of my work schedule, so I've had to find my own way to do all of my traditions. Decorating on Dec. 1 was easy, but the Christmas Eve plans were harder. And finding a place to spend Christmas day, let alone to go skiing. But I was lucky enough to have a good friend invite me to spend Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with her family.

The last Christmas tradition I have is one I want to share: a time to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. My best friend started sending me links to Charlie Brown Christmas online in October this year, but I love it because it renounces the commercialism that comes with Christmas & leads us back to the true meaning of Christmas.

From A Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus explains the meaning of Christmas:

By the way, if you're looking for a great way to spend Boxing Day that doesn't involve large crowds of people spending more money than they have on sales they can't resist, we have two performances of Jesus, My Boy and the matinee tickets are at sale prices!

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lindsay said...

The great thing about 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' is it's simplicity. It's a simple story, it shares it's heart simply. There's no one who doesn't know what it means to have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree...

And aren't Charlie Brown's directing skills very simple too? :)