Friday, May 22, 2009

What am I reading?

Google reader has created a handy little thing called "bundling." It allows you to gather all the feeds you subscribe to on a specific subject and e-mail that list to others so that they can also subscribe.

This afternoon Travis Bedard and I shared our collective theatre blog (and related) feeds and now, for your reading pleasure, I post this link to the 258 theatre blogs that we have found to read between the two of us.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Stage This Week

Now that my show is up and running I've finally had a chance to get back into the audience and enjoy the work of others. I've seen two shows this week and both of them close this coming weekend, so if you haven't already seen 36 Views and Antigone Undone, now is the time to do so.

36 Views (playing at the Jericho Arts Center) has gotten stellar reviews across the board in its run, both from critics and audience members. Michael Kopsa is pitch perfect as Darius Wheeler, the somewhat shady art dealer and the use of projection with the design is beautiful. I know that in the first few weeks of their run they struggled with very low attendance, but they close this Saturday, so please go see it!

Antigone Undone (playing at the Russian Hall) has also gotten very positive reviews, but is a completely different experience than 36 Views. Seated on swivel chairs in a pit, the audience is surrounded by action: choreographed to 67 minutes of music/sound & projections. The story certainly branches off from the traditional story of Antingone, but what else would you expect from Leaky Heaven? This show closes on Sunday and seating is limited!

You Still Can't Video

You Still Can't, my current show at Pacific Theatre, opened this past Friday night. Today I give to you a two and a half minute video of a scene in act 2 where you get just a hint of the insanity of this show: Disney! Politics! Furniture! Groceries!

Video featuring Alexandra Voicu, Debra Sears, Christie Maxson & Shalyn McFaul

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2008/2009 Jessie Nominations

This afternoon I attended the Jessie Nominations Party. It was the second year that I've gone, and I go because its much more fun to hear them read of the list of shows nominated (and sit in my seat playing the "I did see that, didn't I?" game) than it is to read them on the internet later.

A few of my favorite moments:

- The announcers did not know how to pronounce ITSAZOO when announcing their nomination for Costume Design (Small Theatre)

- Celebrating with cast and designers I've worked with over the past two years on their nominations: Ron Reed (nominated for Best Supporting Actor, small theatre), Hamza Adams (nominated for Significant Artistic Achievement - Ensemble Cast, TYA), Drew Facey (2 nominations), Julia Mackey (nominated for Best Actress, small theatre) & Duncan Fraser (nominated for Best Actor, large theatre)

- Meeting @kenjimaeda in person (and on a day he got nominated!)

- Eating cherry tomatos stuffed with bacon?

I really enoyed my time this afternoon but there were a few things that kind of made me go "hmm....."

- For all of Bard on the Beach's 19 nominations, 15 were for the studio stage shows and 4 were for the mainstage.

- Ruby Slippers' Life Savers, which I thought was okay, but didn't love (which seems to be a common response from people I know who saw the show, and the critics) got 7 nominations across disciplines, the second highest in the small theatre category. I didn't think it was that amazing.

- I spent much of the reception recognizing people and then playing the "I think I know who you are" game in my head, but not actually interacting with most of them. Makes me think that Vancouver Theatre needs more social events for folks in the industry to get to know one another.

To see a full list of nominees, visit

Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Have I Been Hiding?

You may have noticed that I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks. Why? Well, I've been in the midst of getting my current show up on its feet. We are in the midst of tech crazyness, but our promotional stills came in today so I figured I'd take advantage of a free minute to post them up here.

Tiffany (Alexandra Voicu), Dave (Mack Gordon), & Sky (Katharine Gauthier)

Norman (Tim Bratton) & Grandpa Tony (Glen Pinchin)