Sunday, December 14, 2008

Music to Hear

One of the things I love about my job is that I have an opportunity to work with very talented people. A lot of actors & directors, but every once and a while we do a show with live music and I have the chance to get to know some great musicians too!

(Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer)

Currently, I have the privilege of working with two lovely & talented musicians on Pacific Theatre's production of Jesus, My Boy. Sheree Plett & Jeremy Eisenhauer are local musicians with an impressive discography, but their immersion into the world of theatre is a new thing for them.

Regular's at Pacific Theatre's "Christmas Presence" event for the past few years, this is their first foray into the world of theatre. They play live each night, interacting with the single actor as they underscore moments, play their original pieces, their re-interpretation of Christmas classics, and a couple of covers.

Their sound is a combination of folk, indie rock, & pop and it gives a great new interpretation of many of the Christmas favorites. One of my favorite songs that they play during the show is one of Sheree's original's called "Yellow Dress." It is a haunting love song that touches my heart every time I hear it...And after 20+ performances it still impacts me. I'd highly recommend buying it off of iTunes.

Unfortunately, Sheree & Jeremy's co-produced Christmas album, "Lights Used to Shine" is not available on iTunes, but you can get a free mp3 download of their version of Silent Night.

Their next show is Sunday, Dec. 21 at Christmas Presence on the North Shore.

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