Thursday, December 18, 2008

York Theatre Saved, Pantages Next?

Vancouver Council gave a Christmas present to the Vancouver Theatre community today: a unanimous vote to save the York Theatre.

After a year of limbo, waiting to hear whether the city would step in and stop this landmark from being demolished to build condos, today a contingent of Vancouver Theatre folks went before City Council asking for a density transfer that would save the theatre.

And the Council said yes!

I received a facebook message from Deb Pickman, one of the co-ordinator's of the group that went to council this morning which said:

The city council meeting was a mighty fine piece of theatre this morning. never have I been so riveted by a three hour performance with no intermission. there were a few tears and a standing "o" at the conclusion!

there are still important details to work out - but congratulations and thanks are in order. council mentioned the many emails they received.

let's keep our fingers crossed that the developer and owner can reach an agreement on the selling price.

A local, cultural landmark, the York Theatre was built in 1913 and has been the home of multiple theatre companies including The Vancouver Little Theatre Association & Alcazar Stock Company. More recently it has operated as the Raja Cinema showing Indian films. It has the capacity to seat 500 people, a size of theatre that is sorely lacking in Vancouver.

With the decision to save the York Theatre, the question remains: What will council do with the Pantages Theatre on Hasting's that there is also a call to save?

Updated: Dec. 18, 4:12pm
More details to come as information on this morning's council decision emerge.

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