Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Stage This Week

Now that my show is up and running I've finally had a chance to get back into the audience and enjoy the work of others. I've seen two shows this week and both of them close this coming weekend, so if you haven't already seen 36 Views and Antigone Undone, now is the time to do so.

36 Views (playing at the Jericho Arts Center) has gotten stellar reviews across the board in its run, both from critics and audience members. Michael Kopsa is pitch perfect as Darius Wheeler, the somewhat shady art dealer and the use of projection with the design is beautiful. I know that in the first few weeks of their run they struggled with very low attendance, but they close this Saturday, so please go see it!

Antigone Undone (playing at the Russian Hall) has also gotten very positive reviews, but is a completely different experience than 36 Views. Seated on swivel chairs in a pit, the audience is surrounded by action: choreographed to 67 minutes of music/sound & projections. The story certainly branches off from the traditional story of Antingone, but what else would you expect from Leaky Heaven? This show closes on Sunday and seating is limited!

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