Friday, June 5, 2009

The Return of Friday Arts Quotes!

After a hiatus, Friday Arts Quotes are back!

"Rehearsing a play is making the word flesh. Publishing a play is reversing the process." - Peter Shaffer

"I began my talk by saying that I had not written my plays for purposes of discussion. At once, I felt a ripple of panic run through the hall. I suddenly realised why. To everyone present, discussion was the whole point of drama. That was why the faculty had been endowed — that was why all those buildings had been put up! I had undermined the entire reason for their existence." - Tom Stoppard

"If you want to help the American theater, don't be an actress, be an audience. " - Tallulah Bankhead

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lindsay said...

Very nice quotes Lois. I laughed, a wee bit bitterly, about the thought of students flying into a panic at not being able to 'discuss' something. Sometimes, there's just too much talking and not enough doing....