Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The June Review & July "To See" List

Leaving town June 14th really did make it next to impossible to see anything in Vancouver during the month of June.

I did see Othello at Bard, but was not thrilled by the production. I attended a preview and the cast was still tripping over the set, costumes & at times their lines. Hopefully I will make it to a studio stage show by the end of the summer, but I do not know how that will work.

As for VACT's Flower Drum Song, I made my way to see it and then found out that their weekday matinee began at 1pm, not 2pm, so I had missed the first 40 min. They offered to still sell me a ticket and let me watch the rest, but at that point I was frustrated and uninterested. The lesson I learned from that: Always triple check performance times. Just because every other matinee is at 2pm, doesn't mean the one you are attending is.

I'll be continuing to live in Kamloops throughout the month of July, and as far as I know nothing else is playing in town during that time. This is a sad theatrical drought, but I have no doubt that I will be seeing oodles of plays when I return to Vancouver this fall (date TBC).


Sterling Lynch said...

To me, this seems like a missed marketing opportunity.

If they were willing to sell you a ticket, they should have been willing to let you in for a much reduced rate or (preferably) for free. I suspect you would have gone on to say nice things rather than walking away frustrated and uninterested.

SMLois said...

I was less frustrated with my own stupidity about getting the time wrong than I was with their response when I expressed surpriseat their start time.

Sterling Lynch said...

Sorry, I wasn't sufficiently precise. :)

If they were willing to sell you a ticket, it meant i) they had an unsold ticket worth nothing to them at that point in time; ii) you could join the audience without causing a disturbance (one hopes); iii) they had an almost costless opportunity to make a positive, profitable, and lasting impression on you.

Possible response: "Oh wow I totally understand how that could have happened. Hey, since you are here, why not catch the second half of the show on us and you can always buy a ticket for another date if you want to come back to see the rest of it."

Had they done something like this, I think you would have written a very different post.

SMLois said...

That makes perfect sense - and you're right - that would have been a different blog post. The unfortunate thing about it was that it was literally the only day I could see the play due to my own performance schedule.

Sterling Lynch said...

All the more reason to extend the offer to stay for free or at a reduced price: you couldn't come back at another time, so they have no other chance to make a positive impression on you.

Even if it wasn't clear you were unable to return at another time, it is very plausible to assume coming at another time would be an inconvenience (otherwise why would you be there now?), so it makes sense to create an incentive to return -- if not for this show, but some future show.