Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hanging out with the Step-Father of the Son of God

(From L-R: Sheree Plett, Jeremy Eisenhauer, Lois Dawson, David Adams & Julie Sutherland.)
(Photo by Damon Calderwood.)
When it comes right down to it I am pretty damn lucky. I get to spend my days in a place I love, doing a job I love, and, if I'm lucky (like I am this month!), working with people I love.

This afternoon we did our archival photo shoot for Jesus, My Boy. Photos from the shoot will go on the Pacific Theatre website, in our future season brochures, and will be used for grant applications. Mostly, I just like to have some of the group photos for my personal collection.

The thing about theatre is that it is so transient: Today there is this group of people on these stairs, wearing these clothes and saying these words, but in a month that will be gone. We will be starting again with a new group of people. It's nice to have these reminders of each group when a new group comes in and you miss the way a certain actor gave hugs, or the types of jokes that others cracked. Or if you, like me, sometimes ask yourself why on earth you ever thought that theatre was a good idea in the first place, the photos are a good reminder of why it is that we do what we do. (Of course, I also have a folder of e-mails from theatre patrons that I read at that point as well).

One of my favorite cast/crew photos was from this season's opener; Mourning Dove.
(From L-R: Angela Konrad, Anita Wittenberg, Ron Reed, Laura VanDyke, Kerry van der Griend, & Lois Dawson)
(Photo by Damon Calderwood)

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