Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Manifesto on Creating

(Photo by Tristan Brand)

: In my first year of university after a one of my first crew calls, I had this real sense of calling to the arts, but I didn't know what that looked like. That night, I wrote in my journal, and what I wrote (with a few edits over the years) has become something of a personal manifesto for me: something that shapes the way I look at the world. At faith. At art. At my relationship to all of those things. And I still don't know where I'm headed, at least not in any concrete sort of way. But I'm certainly enjoying the journey.

I was born to create something. I don't know yet what I am going to be creating, but I know that God has something great planned for me. As a child I wanted to be so many things when I grew up. I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, a candy store owner, a dancer, a musician, an actress and so many more things. Today I don't know what I will grow up to be, but I know what I will do. I will create. I don't know how I could not create. I think that if I were to stop creating, a part of me would die. To create is to imitate God: a high form of flattery as the saying goes. How could I not create? Creating is my worship. It may not be through music, or prayer, or any other conventional means of worship, but I am worshiping from a part of me that is unique. I am not singing someone else's song. I'm dancing to the beat of my own drummer and I am creating a beautiful dance between me and God.

Would you care to dance?


iaincook said...

I keep trying to comment and it doesn't work!

This is good! I added your blog as a link on mine! keep writing!

iaincook said...

ah. its working now. what i was trying to say is that you rock. I totally agree. creating is worship. God loves it. I love it. I think it is always inspiring to see someone being passionate about art and creativity. I know your work is hard and tiring, but you are inspiring. I speak a blessing over you for your lifestyle of worship. may god give you energy and creativity and joy!

Angela Konrad said...

You were a first year student when you wrote this? You are even more remarkable than I thought before. Beautiful.

Barbara Doduk said...

Welcome to blogging. Thanks for following me on Twitter.

B @ The Love Blog

Jocelyn said...

Hey Lois - That's awesome that your blog got posted on the PT blog. Great manifesto. I recently rediscovered a cool dude named Merlin Mann - whose goal in life is to practically help 'creatives' like yourself do whatever needs to be done to get back to being creative - or to take their creativity seriously. He's funny. And he posts lots of fun stuff. Chek it out:

SMLois said...

Iain - thanks for putting a link on your blog. You should update your blog more frequently - I look forward to reading it when there is something new!

Jocelyn - thanks for the link - I took a brief look this morning and will probably spend more time on there later!